About Us

We are an online clothing store based in Cincinnati, Ohio, providing women with CHIC, CLASSIC & AFFORDABLE apparel. Our brand is defined by an essence of confidence, and femininity. While paying attention to trends, we make sure to stay true to "evergreen" pieces that will outlast trends and remain a staple in your closet far beyond a fad. We hope that as a consumer, you can feel good about your purchase while rocking beautiful pieces that help you put your best foot forward. 
We celebrate all that is beautiful about being a women and encourage women to celebrate themselves. We hope that with our apparel we can help women command attention and do so fiercely, unapologetically and actively. In a world where women are sometimes forgotten, Imani women are the women, who don't forget about themselves. Our goal is to make every woman feel confident, beautiful, and desired through our pieces. Everything in our store, is what we love ourselves and hope that you do to. 


What does Imani mean?

It is pronounced iy-MAA-Niy.. Imani has its origins in the Swahili language. It is derived literally from the word imani which is of the meaning 'belief, faith'.