True beauty comes from within

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True beauty comes from within

It’s no secret that when you feel good, you look good. Yeah, I know sounds cliche’ but the truth is a happy person really does exude beauty. Anyone can put on a beautiful dress and look stunning, but if they are unhappy with themselves and are in a bad mood for no rational reason, they will emit unsightly energy. With any outfit the most important accessory is your comfort and your happiness. Clothes should be a layer of skin onto your embodiment rather than a burden.

I understand completely that when you are down, it is way easier said than done to just be happy. Just like anything else, it takes practice. Practice loving yourself even in the minimal of ways such as hydrating your hard working body, and getting enough sleep. It's important to be kind to yourself and your shell, because those are two separate things. Acknowledge and let go of things that are burdening you. I cannot stress that last one enough. Accept how things are and let them go with every exhale. Things are the way they are and sometimes there’s not much you can or should do to change them. Be aware of them and then let them go. Once you realize that you are the only one responsible for the meaning you give things and the power it has over you and the power you have over it, you will be able to let go of things that are causing you problems and/or anxiety. One thing that taught me my power over my feelings was this guided meditation session I was doing on this app called Insight Timer. It tracks your meditation, gives you the option to connect with friends and other meditators around the world, and has an abundance of guided meditations. During one of the meditation sessions, the speaker taught me about this trick where you draw a circle around your body. He had you do it physically with chalk or by imagining it vividly. The lesson taught you to realize that you and your feelings are the only ones within your circle, no one else. Its in these moments that I've realized that whoever caused me to feel a type of way or whatever hurt my feelings is outside of the circle. I realized then that I am no puppet and I decide how I feel and how I let people and things affect me. There is no rule that says you can’t be empathetic and have control over your feelings at the same time.

Practicing self love is not easy, just like most things that are worthwhile. It takes commitment and passion. Self love isn’t just a switch you can flip on and off, it is flexibility that you have to stretch in order to keep limber. If you really want to exude beauty and shock people with your presence you have to start small with yourself. The best reason why you should start loving yourself now, today isn’t because I’m telling you so, it’s because you want it, you deserve it and you are the one writing the script to your movie. If you are tired of not feeling confident in your body then today is the day to release yourself from your physical being. Yes all bodies are different and beautiful but you are so much more than your body. Find the beauty within yourself by doing things you’re passionate about and realize how awesome it is that you have the ability to love. You have the power. You are the maker of your reality. At the end of the day you are the one that cares most about how you feel so do yourself a favor and feel good about yourself,and be kind to yourself.

No matter what you wear, when you love yourself you are beautiful and everyone notices.