Reincarnation remains the surpassing aspect of  clothing. Whether that means upcycling, thrift shopping, or styling.

Upcycling can help create brand new pieces from old, forgotten clothing that no longer fits your body right or is no longer your style. In order to successfully upcycle, look out for important information such as the size, stretch and material of the fabric. After you have determined these, get creative! Think about different ways you could alter the clothing. You could turn pant legs into sleeves, sleeves into pockets of a now button up or collared skirt, and sweaters into scarves, or leg warmers. No restrictions, anything is possible with creativity.

Thrift shopping is a pure epitome of living multiple lives. Mostly everything inside a good thrift store was with another owner, providing warmth and comfort, in who knows where, doing who knows what. There’s a beauty in being able to wonder how big of an impact some of these pieces made on someone's life. For example the trendy, distressed denim jacket your friend just bought at his/her local thrift store could have potentially been someone's identity years ago. Throughout high school someone could have been known for wearing a particular jean jacket. It could have been that piece that always came in clutch at any event, and that matched with anything. And then fast forward and they're forced to give it away because they outgrow it. The buyer will now make another life for that jacket. And s/he will take it places and it will reciprocate the favor by living with them.

Though upcycling and thrift shopping aren’t always totally successful, you can always rely on your styling skills to take a piece of clothing and give it radical different life experiences. The most important thing about styling is your mood that day. Every time I have a tough styling decision I ask myself questions about how i'm feeling, where i'm going and what kind of attitude I have to best reflect that mood.  How you style a piece of clothing can foreshadow how your day will go. Not only that, but it will determine how people treat you.

To prove the power of styling, and that you can give one piece multiple lives, we took the Infamous Kim K Midi Dress and styled it eight different ways to show the versatility of the dress.