Let your style become your Identity

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Let your style become your Identity

You can’t change biological things about you without surgery but you can always express who you are with your clothing. Fashion is a worldwide language. You can tell so much about a person based on how they are dressed. Fashion is like a storybook, where every day you get to tell a story with your attire based on how you feel, the weather, and what you’re doing every day.

Expressing yourself through clothing can be as simple as wearing black to a funeral. It’s a way to tell everyone something about you without even looking at them, fashion is communication in the most fun, creative and authentic way.


In modern society along with the help of social media, fear of being yourself is very evident. People are scared to say or do what they really feel because they fear instant judgement. I think it’s important to see creatives (not just in the realm of fashion) sticking to what they believe in order to encourage others to project innovation. I think that everyone is capable of spewing out positive, relieving, and creative expression but I think that half of those people aren’t encouraged enough to think their input matters. If people were given motivation and a safe place to express themselves, they would find out how pleasing it is.

You have the power to create individuality by simply dressing yourself. There’s no better feeling than demonstrating how you feel and how you want others to feel than expressing it on your own body; your canvas for an endless world of paint. Expressing yourself is healthy and it’s natural. I believe that if you are an overall expressive person, you are not only more successful in your personal calling but you are more understanding of other people's expressions and behaviors, which enables you to help other expressive people to be empathetic and enlightened. So even if it’s not with how you dress, express yourself through music, dance, by working out, singing, writing, screaming, laughing, and creating the identity that you want. However it feels good.