Flattering Dresses for Your Body Type

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Flattering Dresses for Your Body Type

Circle Shape

Consider wearing a wrap dress that doesn’t have ties around the waist. Wearing a dress that drapes your body can be very flattering and can redefine the waist line. Also, wearing a V-neck dress draws attention to the face. Another option is to wear a dress with ruching. Ruching is a technique used to gather fabric to create pleats, ruffles or ripples. Ruching can be extremely flattering to parts of the body that could use some extra material. Consider Goddess Wrap or the Royalty Midi. 

Oprah Winfrey 

Oprah Winfrey

Triangle or Hourglass Shape

For pear-shaped it’s important that the dress not be shorter than an inch or two above the knee. Midi and maxi dresses are perfect for pear shapes. Wrap Dresses are also flattering on a pear shape as it helps accentuate the waist line. Consider the Goddess Wrap, the Cold Shoulder Midi Dress or the Lock and Key Heather Gray Maxi

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Ruler Body Shape (Petite, thin or athletic)

If you are petite, thin or have an athletic build, you can use patterns that elaborate curves. One way to do this is to wear a dress with side cuts. This gives the illusion of curves. Another way to play up your curves is to wear a dress with a cinched mid-section. Consider the Lock and Key Midi or In Love with Stripes Midi 

Miranda Kerr

Long Legs

If you have long legs, the best thing to do is show them! You can do this by wearing a mini dress or you can do it subtly by wearing a dress with a slit up the leg. Either way, it’s important to capitalize on this great feature. Consider the Upgrade You Maxi, the Coral Reef Midi or Slit to the Heavens Midi

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